Cocoa Peanut Butter Fat Bombs


If you’ve ever tried a ketogenic diet, you know that you feel deprived from delectable treats you used to have – usually that were filled with carbs + sugar. Our Cocoa Peanut Butter Fat Bombs have 0.5g sugar, 2g net carbs and 22.7g of FAT! And by fat we mean healthy fats that your liver + brain love to use for energy! Made with only 4 ingredients, these just might become one of your favourite treats.
Coconut Oil has so many benefits and we use it in a lot of our cooking!
Coconut Oil is also:
  1. A boost in good cholesterol
  2. Good for blood sugar + diabetes
  3. Helps stop heart disease and high blood pressure
  4. Aids in liver health
  5. Boosts energy
  6. Aids in digestion
  7. Acts as an anti-aging component
  8. Helps with weight loss
Those are all insane reasons to add more coconut oil to your diet! Think…less sugar…less carbs…more healthy fat
Best kept in the fridge.


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