The Busy Parents


  • 6x breakfasts
  • 6x lunches
  • 6x dinners

Day 1

Breakfast: Egg muffins with cheese and fruit $9.50
Breakfast: Egg muffins with cheese and turkey sausage $9.50

Lunch: Glowing Buddha Bowl $14.00
Lunch: Salmon with sweet wedges and balsamic brussels sprouts $18.00

Dinner: 2 x Pasta with Mamas Meat Sauce $22.00
Dinner: Large Caesar salad $8.00

Day 2

Breakfast: Four PB&J cookies and fruit $9.50
Breakfast: Four PB&J cookies and bacon $9.50

Lunch: Blackberry, kiwi, balsamic chicken salad $13.00
Lunch: Turkey burger with sweet potato fries $9.50

Dinner: 2x Pizza, each with extra slice $29.00
Dinner: 1x cauliflower wings $10.00

Day 3

Breakfast: Banana almond cups $9.00
Breakfast: Banana almond cups and bacon $9.00

Lunch: Turkey burger with sweet potato fries $9.50
Lunch: Balsamic chicken, jasmine rice and roasted parmesan broccoli and cauliflower $14.00

Dinner: 2x Turkey meatloaves, each with two extra muffins with roasted broccoli and cauliflower $30.00

$66.00 Total Savings!

Bundle price: $199.00
Regular price: $265.00


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Both parents are working separate jobs. Practices, lessons, and classes every second night of the week, the in(out)-laws are coming over on Thursday and all the laundry still needs to be done on Sunday. We know, we are parents too! This is why we started the company!

This bundle provides our biggest savings and consists of meals to keep Mom and Dad going all day long, as well as larger portioned, shareable dinners that everyone can enjoy! No more guessing or missed commitments!

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