Everyday Essentials


Wild Culture Ferments

Wild Culture Ferments uses organic, local and wildcrafted ingredients whenever possible, to create naturally fermented vegetables. The ferments are lovingly hand crafted in small batches in Inglewood, On.

All of the products at Wild Culture are naturally fermented.  They are raw, LIVING foods that are full of naturally occurring beneficial PROBIOTIC bacteria.  These bacteria play a vital role in keeping our GUT FLORA in balance, support our digestion and immune function.

Studies show that having a healthy balance of gut flora is the cornerstone of good overall health.

Unlike preserves, ferments do not contain any vinegar, preservatives or sugar, and are a health addition to most diets.

Baking Ingredients

Pilling Foods specializes in Gluten-free baking ingredients!

The Pilling’s wanted to provide their customers with products that would enable endless gluten-free baking options at home.

Pilling Foods has expanded their product selections for Celiac and Gluten-free individuals. As well as finding ways to innovate and simplify alternative baking by developing new gluten-free ingredient replacements.

TMPL + Pilling Foods have aligned values.. both strive to provide our clients with healthy, wholesome and quality ingredients. We want to spark creativity and empower those who seek a simple, healthier lifestyle.

Locally made in Orangeville, ON.


Blume creates organic, plant-based, functional blends for your cup, mug, smoothie, oatmeal bowl and life! Packed with Superfoods which are nutritionally dense ingredients that can have a wide variety of health benefits. When you use these ingredients and mix them with steamed ‘milk’ you get a ‘superfood latte’. Try making it with warm frothed coconut milk or cashew milk… soooo good!